Beachfront Property Pros & Cons

Living in a beachfront property is most peoples dream. I mean, who wouldn’t love it? Whether on a tropical island, the West or East Coast shoreline, or even along a lakefront, living beachside offers incredible views, easy access to the water and sand, and so much opportunity to enjoy. Upon first glance, it seems as though there’s nothing that could mar a beachfront property. Owners of these highly desirable properties can have other opinions, though. With desirability comes rising costs, countless beachgoers from different locales, and even elemental issues thanks to the sea itself. Living on a beachfront property comes with both benefits and drawbacks of different kinds; these are some of the most common pros and cons to beach life.

Pro: Seconds from Fun

One of the biggest advantages to living right on the beach is the easy access to all that the water offers. When you step outside your home, you’re stepping right onto the beach, where you can have all kind of fun. Paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, boating, swimming, and so many more activities are just steps from your door – and you can forget about staying inside or carrying heavy gear for blocks and blocks. Taking advantage of the beach becomes a daily luxury rather than a day or weekend trip when you live where you want to be.

Con: Unexpected Pests

Although days at the beach are fun, and the only souvenir that follows you home is leftover sand, living at the beach comes with different adventures. Living close to water means you’ll discover entirely new bugs and animals that invade your home. Mosquitos, snakes, and even alligators if you live in certain areas can all become persistent problems – and no one wants to battle bug bites or dangerous animals and reptiles on a daily basis for years and years to come.

Pro: Isolated Privacy

A surprising benefit of living along the beach is an increase in homeowners’ privacy. Although many people may visit the beach during the summer months and sunny days, those who live there don’t have to deal with strangers unexpectedly visiting their homes; they’re just there to play in the sand and water. When living on the beach, homeowners have the benefit of distant neighbors – most properties offer distance so each family can enjoy their very own stretch of beach. Additionally, there are no new homes appearing from every side on the beach; new developments are limited, and so is space. You can live in peace and quiet, without nosy neighbors.


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