Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Air Conditioning on in Your Home All Day

Air conditioning is an absolutely lifesaver in the hottest months of the year. It provides immediate relief from scorching temperatures and impossible humidity, allowing you to cool down without any effort. Who doesn’t prefer lounging indoors where the air is cold rather than baking and sweating amid summer bugs and sun? As fantastic as air conditioning is for our overheated bodies, it isn’t exactly great all of the time. In fact, leaving your air conditioning running day after day, night after night can cause some serious side effects. Here’s why you should start turning it off when you’re away from home.

It Causes Respiratory Problems

The greatness of air conditioning lies in its ability to control and cool internal air. However, it’s that same capability that can cause serious problems in our respiratory systems. According to scientific researchers, the condensation that can be created when air conditioners run for prolonged periods of time can lead to the growth of microorganisms and mold. When mold and bacteria growths appear in air conditioning units and their piping, they are spread throughout the entirety of your home each time the air conditioning runs. As a result, these harmful microorganisms can lead to infections of the lungs, difficulty breathing, and other infections or illnesses.

It Dries Your Skin Out

Its cool air may feel great on your skin, but air conditioning isn’t doing your body any favors. When you spend a significant amount of time in the comfort of air conditioning, or run it nonstop in your home, you’re sucking the moisture out of the air around you. Because it decreases humidity and strips the air of all of its water, it leads to dry skin and leaves your skin flaky and itchy. Turn the air conditioning down, or leave it off during cooler hours of the day in an effort to save your skin.

It Can Exacerbate Health Problems

Have a chronic illness or disease that flares up in certain conditions, or changes in weather and temperature? If so, consider turning off your air conditioning more frequently. Air conditioning makes chronic illnesses, such as low blood pressure and arthritis, flare up. In fact, living in temperature-controlled, air conditioned climates aggravates the symptoms associated with these illnesses, leaving you feeling achy, sore, and in pain despite the cool temperature.

It Drives Up Your Electricity Bills

You may be saving yourself from sweating each time you run your air conditioner, but you’re certainly not saving any money. While you might enjoy coming home from work to a cool, air conditioned house, you won’t enjoy seeing your power bill. Air conditioning is expensive to use, and it requires an awful lot of energy to function. When you run air conditioning frequently, you have to pay the price – and for most, it causes electricity bills to shoot up by hundreds rather than mere dollars.

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